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Welcome to Sina Health. Take part in our data collection trial to qualify for one year free subscription to Sina Health on product launch.

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About the Trial

Make sure to read the trial information before participating. This page will explain, what the trial is for, how it works, and why we are performing it. As a reward for participating in the trial we are providing 1 year free subscription to Sina Health when we launch our product.
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What is Sina Health?

Sina Health is your digital physiotherapist. Providing you with a full injury assessment, management plan and rehabilitation program. Our technology enables you to understand, manage and recover from your injury all from the comfort of your own home.
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Why are we doing this trial?

This is a data gathering trial. We are using the data that you provide to test our algorithms. It is imperative for us to ensure that we are building a tool that is medically accurate. This trial is helping us improve our algorithmic accuracy.
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Why participate?

As a participant in the trial you will be contributing to the development of our service and helping us achieve our mission of removing inequalities within healthcare. You will also be offered 1 year free subscription to Sina when we launch.
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What will you need to do?

Click on participate in the trial. Set up an account and click ‘Start New Injury Examination’. You will then be asked to answer a few questions and perform a few exercises. You will need someone to help you with some of the exercises. In total it should take you 15-20 minutes.

How the trial works

Step 1

Sign up

You can use your account whenever you experience a sports injury.
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Questions Screen
Step 2

Enter your

We will ask you a series of questions regarding your injury to help us understand your symptoms.
Step 3

Perform Exercises

You’ll then be asked to perform a series of exercises. You may need someone to help you with a few of these, so ensure you have a friend or family member near by.
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Be Active
Step 4

Redeem your
1 year free

Once you have completed the trial process and submitted your official diagnosis, you will receive an email confirmation that you have been granted your 1 year free. For more details, please read the terms and conditions.
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Click here to participate:

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