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Sina has a vision to remove the inequalities of musculoskeletal healthcare across the globe. We believe that technology is the way to achieve this. Our research team are working hard to better understand how we can develop and use the technology available to us to achieve this goal.

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Current Publications

MSK Healthcare - The ugly duckling of the digital health revolution?

A viewpoint commentary, outlining how the MSK patient population have been left behind during the increasingly digital transition of the NHS.

Upcoming Publications

Inter-Professional working and learning within Sina Medical Technology

A short report outling Sina's interdisciplinary and collaborative ways of working.

Innovative technology in event and expedition medicine - the necessity of innovation.

A summary article outlining the potential applications of an end-to-end MSK service within event and expedition medicine.

In Progress

The accuracy of online shoulder, knee, hip and spine musculoskeletal diagnostic examinations: a systematic review.

A systematic review quantitatively assessing the accuracy of online MSK examinations and assessments.

MSK telemedicine: are we failing to address the biopsychosocial model?

A view point commentary exploring whether digital MSK technologies truly address the patient needs.

Telerehabilitation technologies: are they financially viable?

A scoping review, on the economic evaluation about cost effectiveness of telerehabilitation technologies.

The future of MSK and Othopeadic care

A view point commentary exploring the future of MSK and orthopeadic patient care.

How to avoid running injuries - A patient information manual

An information manual for patients on how to avoid running injuries.

The role of augmented and virtual reality in spinal surgery

An MSc thesis exploring how the latest musculoskeletal technical advancements can be used intraoperatively to improve patient outcomes.

Research Team

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Anna Corriero

Third year Medical Student at Anglia Ruskin Medical School. Key interests in plastics, orthopaedic and global surgery. Passionate about medical education.
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Collin Chong

4th year medical student at University of Southampton. Key interests in Clinical Academic Medicine, Psychiatry, Neurology and Oncology.
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Eddie Sewell

4th year medical student at University of Southampton. Key interests in surgery, paediatrics and lifestyle medicine.
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Katherine Rennie

4th year medical student. Masters in Global Health from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. Key interests in Ophthalmology, global public health, and medical education.
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Usama Abdur-Rahman

Third year medical student at the University of Southampton. Key interests in Surgery (Cardiothoracic, Orthopaedic & Paediatric) and anaesthetics.

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