Terms & Conditions

1.0 Definitions

1.1 Sina Health: Sina Health is one of the products of Sina Medical Technology Ltd.

1.2 1 year free: 12 months free access to Sina Health upon the launch of the product.

1.3 Market: open in the public domain to be accessed by anyone

2.0 What it Sina Health

2.1 Sina Health is a sports physiotherapy app that guides patients from point of injury through diagnosis to full rehabilitation without the need to visit a doctor.

3.0 How you can use it

3.1 When accessing Sina Health for your free trial you will have to agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookie’s policy and any other service agreements that Sina Medical Technology Ltd require you to agree to prior to using the service.

3.2 Upon launch of Sina Health, you are able to redeem your years free access token within 18 months of the product launching. You will then receive access for you 12 months free of charge.

4.0 How you can’t use it

4.1 Your email address will be linked to your free trial. Make sure to provide the right email address. You can only use your 1 year free on the email address that you signed up to the trial.

4.2 Your access to redeem your 1 year free will become available on the public release of Sina Health as a publicly accessible tool.

5.0 Sina Medical Technology Ltd Rights

5.1 Sina Medical Technology Ltd holds the right not to take Sina Health to market (available in the public domain to access), in which case your 1 year free access will become void.

5.2 Sina Medical Technology Ltd holds the right to change what is included in the Sina Health product when it goes to market. This means the product may provide a different service to the one described above.

5.3 Sina Medical Technology Ltd holds the right to withdraw access to your 1 year free access, if we have reasonable belief that the data that you have entered within our trial is false, malicious or intentionally biased.

5.4 If Sina Medical Technology Ltd takes a product to market under the name Sina Health, but the product description is different to such a reasonable extent that it cannot be considered a similar product, then Sina Medical Technology Ltd has the right to cancel your 1 year free access.

6.0 Your Rights

6.1 If you have any other queries about the 1 year free access please email: [email protected]

6.2 You have the right to request that your email address and name are removed from our database. Sina will have 7 working days to remove these from the database, and confirm to you that these have been removed. To do this please email [email protected], if you request the removal of your email address and name from our database you will no longer be eligible for the one year free access to Sina Health.

6.3 You have the right to access the one year free trial, if Sina Medical Technology Ltd take a product to market of similar description with a different name other than Sina Health.